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4Solutions: Your eCommerce partner of choice

With over 70 years of combined experience in supply chain integration, outsourced B2B solutions, trading partner enablement programs and EDI consulting and business analysis, 4Solutions has a long heritage of being at the forefront of innovation in eCommerce solutions.

Headquartered in Wollongong, Australia, 4Solutions’ premier e-commerce network service, the Health Supply Network (HSN), is trusted and used by the leading players in the Australian Health Industry.

At 4Solutions, we intimately understand not only the essential requirements, but the business process change that’s involved: the need for accuracy, reliability and performance, the need for secure synchronisation of data and most of all, the need for increased operational efficiency to drive greater competitive advantage.

4Solutions’ integrated suite of products is applicable to any vertical industry and provides solution for creating supply chain and logistics networks between international communities.



Clifford Bunten is the Managing Director of 4Solutions, an e-commerce and business to business solutions specialist company offering strategic plans and software implementation.

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A Smarter Business Process.

There’s nothing particularly new about EDI, or the web. EDI has been around for decades, it pre-dates the web, and most large organisations already use it to streamline trade with the largest of their trading partners. These days, it is even transported via the Internet.

So what is EDI2web?
Well, surprisingly, whilst the Internet is often used as the means of delivering an EDI message to its destination, it is surprisingly rare for the web itself to actually BE the destination.

So why use EDI2web?
For the organisation with a reasonably sophisticated procurement capability using EDI – that additionally buys from smaller trading partners using yesterday’s solutions (fax, phone, email) – EDI2web offers a single business process for re-ordering all stocked items.

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At the core of AgilitiNet is the next generation of EDI facilities.

AgilitiNet is a custom built, fully-managed, secure, open and scalable hub, designed for vertical market trading communities looking to cost effectively establish an EDI hub for a single customer or a complete e-commerce network. It is a powerful all-encompassing supply chain network solution that ensures the accurate electronic transfer of business documents on 'any-to-any' guaranteed 'system-to-system' service for any industry.

Complete with a mapping tool, AgilitiNet's strength is ease of deployment, complete functionality to manage trading partners, and a secure communication client.

Whether you want to trade with your trading partner in the suburb, or somebody overseas, or worry if your business documents can be read by your trading partner - we take care of that for you.

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EDI2customs is designed to provide shipment brokers and their trading partners, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, shippers, and retailers efficient and accurate data transfer between them. Whether trading with a partner in the same suburb, or overseas, EDI2customs, powered by our state of the art e-commerce platform AgilitiNet connects seamlessly.

Any-to-Any mapping means there is no need to worry if business documents can be read by trading partners - we take care of that. We manage hundreds of messaging formats to easily enable trading partners to quickly and cost effectively establish a secure EDI connection with leading organisations across various sectors in the shipping industry.

EDI2customs replaces repetitive and routine-driven paper-based documents with faster, accurate and more efficient electronic documents driven by an open standards-based approach, allowing the successful and efficient exchange of business documents between different trading partners.

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Health Supply Network, Australia's foremost Pharmaceutical Trading Community, powered by AgilitiNet.

Every month, Australia’s largest health manufacturers and wholesalers depend on AgilitiNet to guarantee the successful transfer of over 140,000 critical data messages between their trading partners.

Operating since 1997, the Health Supply Network has steadily grown to become the supply chain backbone of Australia’s pharmaceutical industry, connecting over 150 local and international trading partners and successfully transferring hundreds of thousands of essential and critical business documents each and every month.

AgilitiNet now enables Australia’s largest pharmaceutical supply chain gateway.