About us

Global Logistics Media delivers all of the latest breaking news, information and opportunities impacting the logistics sectors of the world's leading economies, including the USA, Asia, India, the United Kingdom and Australia. GLM is your competitive edge, which is the ability to know what is happening when it happens, and how you can use this vital information to move your business forward. Knowledge is power; GLM delivers running commentary from industry experts (including case studies and news updates) to keep you abreast of developments locally and around the world. With an integrating business directory, jobs board and product listing, GLM is the premier online resource and information centre for all logistics professionals, whether logistics is your business or an important element of your business.


As the world's largest trading nation with the largest national economy, the United States is the key player in global logistics and is therefore a focus of Global Logistics Media. Factors impacting on the US logistics sector include federal government policies, business innovation and technology, and Federal Reserve decisions. Whether you are based in the US or do business with the US, GLM ensures you have all the relevant information to make informed business decisions.


As home to the world's largest and most heavily populated continent, Asia covers 8.6% of the Earth's total surface area and is home to approximately 4 billion people. News and information pertaining to the Asian economy has never been more relevant and important to the ever changing face of global logistics and is therefore a key feature of GLM online services.


India is the most densely inhabited democracy in the world with the fourth largest economy (based on purchasing power parity). Having liberalized its economy with increased emphasis towards the free-market through foreign trade and investment, GLM recognizes vast opportunities available to the logistics sectors locally and around the world and brings this information to your fingertips.

United Kingdom

As the sixth largest economy in the world (and the third largest in Europe) the UK is recognized as a key player when it comes to global logistics. London is a major centre for international business and commerce and is the world's largest financial centre, therefore it stands to reason that GLM would focus on information and opportunities coming out of the UK to benefit business leaders.

Australia & New Zealand

Located in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia (13th largest economy) and New Zealand enjoy relatively close economic relations. Australia has pursued the cause of international trade liberalization and is a member of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and the World Trade Organization. New Zealand is a market economy which is greatly dependent on global trade. GLM bridges the geographical gap for businesses in southern hemisphere nations so they are globally relevant and competitive.


The People's Republic of China is the world's second largest economy after the United States (based on purchasing power parity) and is the world's fastest-growing major economy. China is also the second largest trading nation in the world and the largest exporter and second largest importer of goods.