What Does Social Media Mean to Your Supply Chain?

by Press Release on 2011-05-11 08:07:52

The power of social media is especially salient in times of crisis. Information can be transmitted across the globe to inform, educate, or encourage action almost instantly. How can supply chains best utilize this tool to ensure operations are as optimized as possible? Can businesses effectively use the excitement of their customers, the popularity for specific items in social media channels, and the large numbers of users on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media sites to make supply chain demand planning as accurate as possible?

Luciano Cunha discuses this topic in a new article on www.warehousemanagementsystemsguide.com", Warehouse Management Systems Guide. He emphasizes that the social media audience is as important as the data itself. In the article, he explains this by describing two phenomena called the Real-Time Paradox and the China Paradox. These two paradoxes show that if the the social media audience is not considered in the initial analysis, then it can be skewed or lead the statistician along the wrong path entirely. Cunha also provides advice on how to use social media and the audience it comes from to achieve visible results in the supply chain.

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