Cargo ship runs aground near Ardnamurchan

by GLM Images on 2015-02-20 08:58:54

A large cargo ship that ran aground near Ardnamurchan Point in the West Highlands is likely to be stuck there for some time, the coastguard has said. The Lysblink Seaways was bound from Belfast to Skogn in Norway when it ran aground. A small leak was detected yesterday on the starboard side of the vessel. The leak was initially estimated to be an egg cup in volume as it had created a light sheen of about 2m by 2m.

A temporary exclusion zone of 100 metres has been established around the vessel. A team from Svitzer Salvage is currently on board the vessel conducting a detailed damage assessment.

Lysblink Seaways

Lysblink Seaways 1

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