Cargolux begins hiring process for 100 new pilots

by Press Release on 2015-12-18 23:23:19

Luxembourg, 17 December 2015 – Cargolux Airlines continues on the path of growth and begins the hiring and training process for 100 new pilots in Luxembourg. 52 candidates have already been selected and Cargolux plans to begin the training process for 8 candidates per month from January until July 2016.

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Candidates for the remaining 48 open positions are expected to begin their training between July and December 2016; the selection process for these positions is still open. The next selection of applicants will take place in February, March and April 2016. All training courses are expected to be filled by September.

Cargolux has earlier announced the hiring of the new pilots as part of the introduction of a new collective work agreement (CWA) that offers attractive conditions and upgrades for its current crew population, as well as new positions to guarantee roster stability and a satisfying work-life balance for pilots.

The announcement has met with huge demand and a great number of applications under the terms of the new CWA against the limited open capacity that Cargolux has for next year. All candidates are eager to join the Cargolux family and are happy with the new condition the airline offers for entrant First Officers. They appreciate that Cargolux rewards long-term loyalty in the new pay scale and benefits package under the new CWA and they take it as a positive sign for a long-term career opportunity at the airline.

The Cargolux Crew Training Department notes that, all in all, 170 Cargolux students will acquire a promotion or a new type rating on the airline’s 747 freighters. This represents the biggest ever volume of training in the history of the company. To cope with the workload, Cargolux also looks to appoint additional instructors and trainers.

In addition to the extensive training schedule for the new pilots during 2016, Cargolux also offers its skilled training resources to external customers that need to fulfill their training requirements in 2016. These include, among others, guaranteed simulator capacity for recurrent training, type ratings, differences and recurrent training for 747-8 operators and more specialized training.

“Finally, the so-called Luxembourgish model will continue to exist. This CWA is a win-win situation for everybody and especially a gain for the social dialogue and democracy.” Hubert Hollerich, Secrétaire Central de l’OGBL

“The hiring of 100 additional pilots marks a strong sign in guaranteeing growth in Luxembourg and reinforcing Luxembourg as a logistics hub. This will further help preventing fatigue of Cargolux pilots; which is an important step for enhancing the safety of flight operations”, says Patrick Dury, President of the LCGB.

“We are pleased that the new CWA will allow us to bring in 100 new-generation pilots to fly our 747s, the ‘Queen Of The Skies’,” says Dirk Reich, Cargolux President and CEO. “Our new colleagues will enable us to offer additional upgrades and more part time opportunities for our existing crews.”