FourKites Announces ELD Control Center Enhancements for Shippers

by Press Release on 2015-12-18 23:41:15

Fourkites New enhancements to the largest ELD ecosystem in North America streamline communication flow between asset-based carriers and shippers.

CHICAGO, (December 17th, 2015) - FourKites has launched updates to their ELD Control Center to enhance communication between trucking companies and their broker and shipper customers.

Some of the enhancements include:

Brokers and shippers can define business rules to schedule email alerts to customizable groups of recipients, such as dock personnel or customers, who need status updates, such as arrival alerts of trucks.

A big data analytics module to generate on-time performance at pickup and delivery locations.

5 new ELD partnerships to expand the ELD ecosystem to more than 35 providers.

“We’re the first and only company in the country that has created integrations with every major ELD provider” said CEO Matt Elenjickal, “We’ve done the heavy lifting for those shippers and brokers who want to tap into the ELD network that consists of more than 35 providers in North America and take advantage of the most cutting-edge innovations in load tracking.” FourKites ELD Control Center has shown a minimum of 20% ROI for its users.

On 12/10/2015, the US DOT’s FMCSA announced the final ELD mandate that will require ELDs in over 3 million commercial trucks by 12/11/2017. The FMCSA estimates that 26 lives and 562 injuries will be prevented and more than $1 billion will be saved every year.

FourKites ELD Control Center allows shippers and carriers to reduce, and sometimes eliminate, their spend on outdated EDI technology used to transmit ELD location data. Carriers can use FourKites to automatically send tracking data to shippers, brokers and 3PLs, without having to spend any extra money on data transfers.

Carriers incur no charges sending ELD data with FourKites. FourKites tracking data will enhance supply chain visibility and logistics operations by providing the location, status, and ETA of every truck on the road.

Shippers can use this information to proactively manage delays, adjust inventory and personnel, and, best of all, eliminate phone calls to dispatchers since they will have real-time load tracking information at their fingertips and ready to share with customers.

Other highlights of FourKites include:

- Real-time location tracking feed from more than 35 ELD/GPS manufacturers powering the trucking industry.
- Recalculates ETA every 15 minutes using real?time data, from traffic to weather conditions.
- Logic built into the backend to take care of tractor changes and relays at yards/domiciles.
- Geo-fencing to notify arrival and departure at each and every stop.
- Alerts to help you manage exceptions as soon as they occur.
- Integrates with major transportation management systems (TMS) used by shippers.
- Least expensive load-tracking platform.

You can read more about the ELD mandate announcement here.

About FourKites
FourKites provides real-time load tracking and logistics visibility solutions across transportation modes and digital platforms. Using FourKites, the shipper, the broker, and the carrier can share the same, real-time truck location and shipment status information - from onboard systems in the largest commercial fleets to individual owner-operator smartphones. Bypassing check calls and EDI, FourKites saves time and money across the transportation spectrum. Request a demo here for more information.