Rohlig’s new Auckland warehouse offers greater capacity for Rohlig clients in Asian region

by Press Release on 2015-12-19 04:05:28

Andrew Antonopoulos, Managing Director of Rohlig New Zealand

Auckland. Rohlig NZ announces today the opening of its second warehouse in Auckland. This new 1,600sqm warehouse offers increased capacity to Rohlig clients and provides a strong boost to the local NZ logistics industry.

A commitment to quality logistical support for local and international business has been a foundation of the existing warehouse of 3,000sqm, and this site shall continue in operation. In complement to this, the new Auckland site increases Rohlig's capacity for service delivery, and having been a long term goal of Rohlig's future aspirations for NZ. This new site, located (approximately 1 kilometre) closeby Rohlig’s first warehouse is the fulfilment of that ambition.

Andrew Antonopoulos, Managing Director of Rohlig New Zealand underscored this announcement was the progression of a long term plan in NZ. “By offering global services with local expertise, Rohlig has a distinct advantage in the market in New Zealand. We opened our first branch, in Auckland, in 1989, the Wellington branch in 2001 and the Christchurch branch in 2008. We have experienced and been a big part of the supply chain evolution here.”

With Auckland central to New Zealand’s efforts towards future economic growth globally, Rohlig’s announcement also comes at a time of immense significance for the wider region.

Andrew Antonopoulos indicated this growth and the promising outlook of years ahead informed the Rohlig strategy to capitalise both locally and globally. “The company provides services for many vertical or industry-specific manufacturers – like wine and seeds – for many famous New Zealand brands. This is further supported in the fast-moving commodity markets of electronics, furniture and food products for both local and global consumption. All combines in order to strengthen and fuel New Zealand’s increasing economy growing by 3% yearly over the next five years.“

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