The Future of Logistics Software is Mobile (and Affordable)

by From the Top on 2012-08-15 01:50:35

Dan Sugarman (left), Daniel Sperling-Horowitz (right)

AIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA - Running a warehouse requires significant investment in any organization’s most important asset, people. Why are so many warehouse employees wasting their time, and corporate funds, by manually collecting and transmitting critical operational data?

HD Trade Services, a next generation logistics technology firm, was founded on the principle that modern technology can reduce manual data entry and labor costs, and empower logistics service providers to deliver the highest level of visibility for clients.  To accomplish this, HDTS has developed a mobile and on-demand solution for warehouse management.  The fact that their software lives in the cloud allows for quick and cost-effective implementations, which has opened up the door for logistics service providers who may have been wary of switching from an ineffective system or even getting a warehouse management solution in the first place.  

Their tablet technology enables a paperless environment for receiving and releasing goods and streamlines interaction between the office, warehouse staff, and clients.  Perhaps the biggest benefit of this technology is the option to automatically email clients with pictures of their products the second they are checked into and out of the warehouse.

Daniel Sperling-HorowitzEarly in 2012, while implementing high definition streaming video inspection technology with logistics service providers specialized in handling high value goods, Daniel Sperling-Horowitz and his colleagues became frustrated by the endless sea of manual data entry and paperwork that clients were drowning in.  So the company dedicated itself to developing a simple and cost-effective solution by leveraging mobile and cloud computing technologies.

Most enterprise technology solutions are unnecessarily complex, often requiring the engagement of a consulting firm for implementation, and not designed with the end-user in mind.  HDTS places an emphasis on simplicity and uses hardware and interface design that is familiar and fun to use. Accordingly the company believes the smartphone and tablet are the most powerful and dynamic tools available for warehouse operations.  “The future of logistics is mobile, there is no doubt about it” says CEO, Daniel Sugarman.

So what are their customers saying?  Early adopters are excited to be saving time and delivering greater visibility to their clients.  This visibility allows managers, owners and their clients to use real-time data to make informed decisions.  “The HDTS Platform offers a scalable foundation to grow our business and deliver value-added service to our clients.  Our employees, clients and agents are extremely happy with the investment we’ve made, but I don’t think anyone is happier than my partner and me” adds David Wortman, owner of Prime Transport.

As for what we can expect from the technology firm in the future; “as an industry, we’re just scratching the surface of modern technology adoption.  We see countless opportunities for new products that are natural extensions of our core offering” says Matthew Thomas, HD’s Chief Technology Officer.

HDTS focuses exclusively on value-added logistics service providers and the distributors they serve, with an emphasis on high value goods.  The company is establishing a client base in key international trade hubs with pilots starting in New York, Miami, London, Dubai, and Hong Kong.

Caption 1 (TOP) : Dan Sugarman (left), Daniel Sperling-Horowitz (right)