Truck images like you have never seen before

by GLM Images on 2013-08-23 00:37:04

Over the years we have posted some amazing images on the Global Logistics Media website, however we think this collection is the most unique we have ever featured.

Michael Massaia
is a photography guru, you just have to see his work to appreciate his unique and distinctive approach. Michael has called this collection "Seeing the Black Dog". The trucking community understands this phrase well; it is used to describe hallucinations that occur as a result of sleep deprivation.

Recently interviewed by, Michael talks candidly about the inspiration for the collection, he describes the link between his own personal experiences and the essence of the images below.

Michael Massaia ProfileMichael Massaia Profile:
Michael Massaia is a fine art Photographer and Printmaker who has spent the past few years documenting areas and objects that never extend to far from his front door.

Isolation, disconnection, and an attempt to put a spotlight on the ordinary is the constant in all of his work. Michael specializes in large format black and white film image capture, and large format Platinum & Silver Gelatin printing. 

All of his images are true "one shot" scenes (his images are never composited from multiple exposures).  Michael works alone and is the sole craftsman from the instant the negative is exposed to the moment the final print is made.

Seeing the Black Dog 1

Seeing the black dog 3

Seeing the black dog 4

Seeing the black dog 12

Seeing the black dog 13

Seeing the black dog 5

Seeing the black dog 6

Seeing the black dog 7
Seeing the black dog 7

Seeing the black dog 8

Seeing the black dog 9

Seeing the black dog 10

Seeing the black dog 11