Warehouse design impacts efficiency and productivity

by Press Release on 2016-10-22 03:44:39

While it’s true that you need the right trucks for an efficient operation, you also need the right warehouse design. Every aspect must work together to achieve maximum levels of productivity, safety and overall efficiency.

Just ask Barrett Distribution Centers. The warehouses of this third party logistics provider span the Unites States and Canada and encompass more than 3 million square feet. They cater to the movement of practically any type of product, and they are continuing to expand because of a growing order volume. Barrett Distribution came to Crown with the goal of maximizing existing warehouse space and crafting warehouse designs for their current and new facilities.

“Our experience with Crown starts with the design,” said Arthur Barrett, President of Barrett Distribution Centers. “They always deliver a phenomenal design that squeezes in every last usable inch of the building and really optimizes the space, which is critically important for a third party logistics operator like us.”
Barrett’s management team knew that by customizing the design of individual warehouses to fit specific wants and needs, they could optimize their operation to its fullest potential. Optimized operation and warehouse efficiency means increased productivity and less downtime.

A fully optimized warehouse and lift truck solution can be a win-win for both you and your customers. Take a look at your own facility. Are you using your space efficiently? If not, let Crown help you design your success, improve throughput, enhance efficiency and reduce warehousing costs.

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