"The Strength of SSI Schaefer" with Brian Miles

In this video, Brian Miles highlights are few key areas that differentiates SSI Schaefer from its competitors. From SSI Schaefer's inception in 1937, the company now operates in 50 countries and is considered the leading provider of Material Handling systems in the world.




We are a family owned company, seventy six years old. We celebrated our seventy fifth anniversary last year.

Primarily we started off as a manufacturer of industrial storage systems. A very wide range from plastic totes right the way through to the racking from rackclad warehouses, as are our systems.

In the year 2000, we acquired a German company by the name of Noell who were a systems integrator. They were a general contractor. They had a portfolio of products for automated handling of pallet racking systems.

The following year, we acquired a company called Peem, which was an Austrian company.

This company specialized in small parts picking, automated, using A frames, using conveying systems, pick to light systems.

So, within two years, we became a complete automation provider.

Basically, this is our product range. It’s a one stop shop. We are, I think, the only company globally that can provide everything, from a plastic totes, racking systems, ASRS systems, going completely into general contracting in both pallet handling as well as small part systems.

All of these products are actually made by Schaefer from our various factories which we have in Europe and now the two factories here in Asia. So we are, I think, a global company. In fifty countries world wide we have Schaefer offices, in Asia we have fifteen offices here in Asia, the Middle East, China, through to Australia.

The strength of the company is that it is ‘family owned’. We are not a public listed company. We have very short lines of management. Decisions can be made very quickly. This has probably been one of our most powerful tools.

Over the last twelve years we have spent literally millions of Euros in developing a wider range of automation which really takes us into both pallet handling as well as parts picking systems.

We can offer a completely automated warehouse, case picking, robot loading pallets, literally it’s a black box. The pallets go in and the full picked pallets come out without any human interface. We have that ability.

Brian Miles,
Regional MD
SSI Schaefer