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Amit Maheshwari is a Bachelor's in Electronic Engineering living in Mumbai, India. He is Managing Director & CEO of Softlink Logistic Systems Pvt. Ltd., ( a company focussing on providing information technology solutions to logistics Industry.

He has over two decades of cumulative logistics industry knowledge, experience and technological expertise.

He started his career with a logistic company and realised importance of information technology for logistic sector but soon realised that there is not many good options available to the industry. Being an expert in Logistics and Information Technology, he founded, Softlink with sole aim of providing cutting edge solutions to the industry. Under his leadership, Softlink has now grown to have presence in every major city of India and is serving over 3000 companies around the world.

Mr. Maheshwari is known for his thought leadership and revolutionary ideas across the logistics industry. He is regarded as an authority on cumbersome Indian customs procedures and is regularly consulted to simplifying the processes.

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    Softlink Global, one of the leading MNCs into the space of IT in Logistics, has inked a deal with Thailand based Key Management Services. The development shall open the large and strategic markets of the Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) for Softlink Global in the region.

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