Beat K. Schlumpf Info

Beat Schlumpf Beat Schlumpf is the Owner of GSL Consulting LLC, a Swiss based firm providing specialised consulting services for Logistics and Supply Chain Assessment and Optimization.

He has over 35 years of experience in managing supply chain, warehousing, outsourcing and distribution operations in Europe, Middle East and Asia. Mr. Schlumpf also has experience in designing distribution networks, and conducting consolidation studies and operations audit.

Prior, he had several senior management posts including General Manager of Fracht Freight Word Organisation (FWO) in Jeddah/KSA, Manager Logistics and member of the board at Hanro of Switzerland, Director General of Brechtbühl, Manager Business Development and member of the board at PostLogistics, and COO and Member of the board at the private Railway Company Crossrail.

He is one of the few experts worldwide with operative experience of all carriers (Sea, Air, Road, Rail) and all speeds (heavy lifts, general cargo, full load, parcel, express, mail, courier).

Latest Articles

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    Supply Chain Management, is a relatively young discipline and as such, has been defined in innumerable different ways.

  • 30/04/2015   In the field of logistics too, there is the need for public awareness about corruption

    Whether it concerns an import license, a mandatory inspection of export goods, or customs clearance, the risk that foreign public officials might “request a token of appreciation” is ubiquitous. There are also several situations that can arise between companies or their representatives. When a lucrative supply contract is at stake, it could be tempting to win the race against a competitor by "motivating" the customer’s purchase manager.

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    A flexible, reliable and efficient service organization which operates round the clock is very much in demand by purchasers of high-quality, innovative machinery and equipment.

  • 10/04/2015   The Digital Supply Chain - Your data is at risk!

    An All-digital supply chain management offers significant advantages: The cost of data entry can be reduced and the entire process shortened. But how realistic is complete digitisation in the near future? An internationally oriented supply chain encompassing several participants involves considerable legal and IT-problems.

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    After almost 10 years the Management Consultancy Company for Logistics and Supply Chain Assessment and Optimization has a brand new market presence.

  • 13/06/2012   Supply Chain Simulation

    Today’s possibilities of Supply Chain Simulation Software are providing better and better information about all aspects of the entire supply chain.