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Bernard MolloyBernard Molloy
Director Global Industrial Logistics

Over 40 years experience managing and strategically advising companies in the warehousing, logistics and materials handling industries, he is currently Global Industrial Director for Unipart Aftermarket Logistics.

A Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, Strategic Advisor to Leading Blue Chip Companies in Supply Chain and Logistics, he is known Internationally in the Supply Chain Business and has been responsible for numerous developments of National Distribution Centres and resolving Supply Chain issues.

Trained as a Mechanical Engineer and was General Manager with BT Rolatruc (Now Toyota Industrial) from 1979 to 1996 responsible for all automated solutions.

In 1986 he became Managing Director of Hako Machines UK and was responsible for the design and development of a new product range which has now grown to thirty per cent of the total group world turnover.

He was approached to become Joint Group Managing of Lansing Linde in 1999 and increase market share from 19.5% to 33% over 5years, responsible for the launch of several new products and retaining two Royal Warrants at the same time a member of the CBI Council. Following that he worked as Strategic Advisor to JCB, Psion, NYK Logistics and Red Prairie.

In1999 Bernard took over as Managing Director of Hoppecke Industrial Batteries installing new Production Facilities and Service
Systems which has dramatically transformed the Company’s fortunes.

In January 2011 be became Global Director of Unipart Industrial Logistics as a specialist in the Industrial World.

Bernard has been Chairman of the CILT Warehouse and Materials Handling Forum for many years and is a Board Member of The British German Forum, a Freeman of the City of London as well as an advanced Water Skiing Instructor, Business advisor to Coventry Rugby Club and a member of the London 2012 Olympics Games Maker Team.

Latest Articles

  • 17/06/2015   Why being a responsible company is so important

    Businesses across all industrial sectors face a growing set of challenges to remain competitive. One of the most significant is learning to act responsibly. However, many companies have yet to fully understand just how important this is – particularly within the supply chain. Bernard Molloy, ‘Logistician of the Year’ and global industrial director at Unipart Logistics sets out an approach to competitive advantage through Corporate Responsibility.

  • 12/11/2013   Time for a new UK logistics strategy

    Ninety per cent of deep sea cargo enters the UK via the South, yet over 50 per cent of goods coming in by container are destined for markets north of Birmingham. In an economy that is now far more conscious of its carbon footprint and the congestion on Britain’s roads, it makes far more sense, both environmentally and economically, to bring a much higher proportion of goods in through ports in the North of the UK.

  • 11/03/2013   Niche companies going global - Bernard Molloy

    Manufacturing has gone global. But this is not globalisation in the sense of simply outsourcing the fabrication of goods to distant places where wages may be lower than in the West. The whole notion of the way products are designed and made has entered a new and exciting era, where networks of niche players collaborate and work together across widely dispersed geographies.

  • 19/02/2013   Clustering in Logistics Conference

    The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport together with the United Warehouse Keepers Association, Liverpool SuperPort and the Global Institute of Logistics have teamed up to hold a conference to discuss “Clustering in Logistics” on the 10th of April 2013 in Liverpool.