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Bob KlunkBob Klunk began his 25 years in Manufacturing and Supply Chain as an engineer and plant manager.

Leading the effort to outsource logistics at an international food company launched his career in third party logistics, where he ran operations or developed solutions for companies like Apple, Sony, Samsung, Starbuck’s, NutriSystem, Wal*, and H&M.

He is leading the growth of DMI Fulfillment, a full-service fulfillment house that provides big-company technology and footprint to on-line retailers, startups and mid-size businesses.

BOB KLUNK: Founder - DMI Fulfillment
eCommerce, Fulfillment & Logistics Services | 636.697.4505 |

Latest Articles

  • 19/02/2013   The Trust Lubricant: Building Relationships to Sustain Your Business

    What makes a good business relationship? It is a quality product? Open lines of communication to your client? The ability to fulfill every single client request? It’s probably a combination of these things, but the prerequisite to creating a strong, mutually beneficial relationship between you and your client is pure, unwavering trust.

  • 18/01/2013   Bob Klunk talks about Entrepreneurship and Distribution Management

    After years of working in the 3PL industry, I believed it was possible to scale and was pursuing that on my own when I was introduced to DMI. Instead of consulting for them on their venture, they hired me for the creation of DMI Fulfillment.