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Caterina Zaini With a passion for excellence and high achievement, she is tenacious, proactive and innovative in her business approaches and methodologies.  With a degree in International Business and Management, Cat’s theoretical knowledge compliments her practical experience, further strengthening her ability to demonstrate a clear and concise understanding of business procedures and management.   

Her career thus far has been predominantly focused on providing outstanding customer service and as such, Global Logistics Consulting is no different in its aspirations.

Global Logistics Consulting is an independently Australian owned company that provides a customised logistics service to those importing and exporting from Australia. Offered services are designed to help businesses improve their timeframe turnaround, logistics management and bottom-line profitability.

Our specialised approach is achieved by understanding the intricacies and business foundations of an entity. Considerations for the functionality of a business helps ensure tailored transporting solutions appropriately compliment a company’s individuality.

Global Logistics Consulting offers SME consultations, freight audits, outsourcing services and much more. With an emphasis on customer relations, our company works with businesses of all sizes from the new starters to established industry heavyweights.

For reliable advice and assistance regarding the international freight forwarding industry, contact Global Logistics Consulting, who are committed to setting the industry standard!


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