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George Muha George has held key operations and business development positions for Newgistics, Johanson Transportation, CHTL Logistics and Transportation Insight. 

His expertise is in truckload, rail, less-than-truckload, international and parcel pricing.  George's specialty is in helping shippers create multi-channel profit centers within the supply chain. 

George has authored articles on best practices and supply chain savings ideas that have been featured in over 50 publications and is also creator and lead contributor to the blog George can be contacted at

Latest Articles

  • 30/05/2014   18 Powerful Facts Most Companies Ignore

    It still surprises me, even in this day and age, how many people still need convincing that improving the customer experience through supply chain improvements will generate revenue and save costs...despite the credible research backing this up. However, being on the front line of as a supply chain consultant, I would say that more and more companies are focusing on this area of their business. But I would still agree with The New Supply Chain Agenda that less than 20% of companies out there even have a supply chain strategy.

  • 11/02/2013   How to Convert Prepay & Add Programs to Collect in 10 Steps

    The part of a business where there can be a lot of low hanging fruit is inbound transportation. Particularly where vendors prepay and add freight to their invoice. Considering these charges are usually padded with extra “shipping & handling” or “processing” fees, this area can yield a windfall of cost reduction for companies.

  • 18/05/2012   Knowing How Freight Relates as a Precentage of Invoice

    Some popular business sayings that are relevant today are “companies don’t know what they don’t know”, “knowledge is power” and “you cannot manage what you cannot measure”. Despite the fact that many executives agree with these quotes and can even be heard saying them, most do not utilize this methodology where it counts the most…within their supply chain

  • 02/12/2010   SHIPPERS BEWARE: Freight Class for “Clothing” Takes a Big Spike

    Today my friend who represents an association of apparel retailers called me up with some concern of a recent change in National Motor Freight Classification guide for “clothing”.