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Tom CraigTom Craig is President of LTD Management, a logistics consulting firm near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  LTD provides logistics / supply chain management consulting, both domestic and international.   Clients are manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, logistics service providers and 3PLs. 

Mr. Craig has extensive logistics experience in different industries with companies such as General Electric, Abbott Laboratories and 3M.

He has an MBA from Penn State University and a B.S. in Business Administration from Penn State with a major in Business Logistics.  Penn State is the top supply chain management program in the U.S.
Tom has written over sixty articles on logistics and supply chain management that have appeared in print and at websites around the world.  He has spoken at conferences in the U.S., England, China, Singapore, Panama, United Arab Emirates and Nigeria.
The scope of experience includes:

· Worldwide / Global Supply Chain Management
· Logistics, Traffic, Distribution, Warehousing, Inventory Management
· Warehouses in U.S., Canada, Asia and Europe
· Manufacturing plants in U.S., Asia, Europe and Mexico         
· Third?party logistics
· Outsourcing
· All modes of transportation throughout world
· Import
· Export
· Customers throughout world
· Vendors throughout Far East, Europe and North America          
· Directly managed people outside of U.S.

Latest Articles

  • 10/12/2012   Are you Inventory Rich and Cash Poor?

    A contract manufacturer turns inventory 3.6 times. A retailer turns inventory 4.1 times. A wholesaler turns inventory 4.4 times. What do these firms, in different businesses, have in common? They carry too much inventory. While where they each have the extra inventory may differ-raw, WIP or finished, they have too much money tied up in inventory.