Business categories:  Fleet Management

ENAiKOONENAiKOON offers advanced telematics solutions such as Android apps for GPS tracking or NFC tracking, in-vehicle terminal assistance, automatic vehicle identifier systems, incident detection systems, fleet operation management systems, remote vehicle diagnostics, and much more. Our servers monitor over 25,000 mobile objects.

Our technology supports SMEs within the transportation and logistics industries such as FLD food logistics, Eberle-Hald and other delivery companies. Also, organisations such as the United Nations, Deutsche Bahn and Deutsche Post utilize ENAiKOON systems.

We are involved in precision traffic reports and management together with ADAC, Germany’s largest automobile club. ENAiKOONs hardware is manufactured exclusively in Germany and the software is constantly being developed and adapted to each clients specific needs.

ENAiKOON has a wide range of made in Germany GPS/GPRS devices and Android apps. In addition, ENAiKOON has a range of devices with the Inmarsat technology designed to locate and track in areas where no mobile network is available.