Formula Truck Accident - Driver has lucky escape.

Brazilian auto racing was marred by a serious accident in Formula Truck, which this weekend step performed in the city of Rio Grande do Sul Guaporé. After losing the brakes during the final free practice, the Paraná Diumar Bueno dropped from a height of 15 meters and landed on the track internal access to the racetrack.

After going at 184 km / h at point on the line of boxes, where the radar is installed, Bueno realized the lack of brakes on his truck and tried to get him out of the lane, turning left. Unable to slow down in the grass, crossed the track in turn one, broke the wall and protecting tires. The truck went over trees before crashing. The pilot, who remained conscious throughout the rescue, not at risk of death, but suffered fractures in both legs and right arm, and a cut on his tongue. His truck, the Volvo number 11 of the DB Motorsport, was completely destroyed.

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