Social Media - Good, Bad ?, or does it even matter.

The power of Social Media plays an important role in shaping a company’s reputation; it is also fair to say that a company, who spends millions of dollars on above the line advertising, has little control of what is said about their company on Social Media Platforms.

Much like above the line advertising, companies that invest in Social Media activity can also measure the effectiveness of their campaigns by way of increased sales, increased leads and so on, however an issue that most companies have is how can you measure the adverse impact on a brand as a result of negative Social Media output.

UPS is a Multi Billion Dollar Corporation; founded in 1907 UPS has established itself as the largest packaging delivery company in the world. Little did the Founders of UPS know, that Social Media could shape the reputation of the Company they worked so hard to establish, what is more incredible is that the drivers that appear in these video clips could affect and shape the opinions of millions around the world by their lack of good judgment and professionalism.

The Logistics and Supply Chain industry has been slow in adopting Social Media strategies, some companies do not even have a Twitter account or Facebook Page, one reason for the slow uptake is that these companies do not know where Social Media fits within their organization, is it a Sales Function, Marketing Function, IT Function or does it belong to the Media Dept? Irrespective of where it fits, people will be talking about their products and services anyway so it is better to engage with these people then to pretend they do not exist.

Over the coming weeks I will be talking about how different companies use Social Media to enhance their brand and also identify why some companies are reluctant to take the Social Media plunge.

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Nigel Lewis
CEO – Global Logistics Media

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