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  • Supply Chain Strategy Made Simple + 5 Easy DIY Performance Tips
    There is some disturbing news on the horizon for the economy in Australia. I’d like to share that with you and show you how to rise above it.
  • Supply Chain Tips for Tough Times
    Managing any Supply Chain is always a balancing act between keeping costs down and maintaining adequate customer service levels.
  • Major Supply Chain Trends for 2013 and What Many Companies Might Miss
    How do those three words “supply chain trend” grab you? Perhaps there’s a sense of something new; issues to be resolved maybe, but also opportunities to be seized, with a notion of change that lets you savour developments as they unfold.
  • Simon Wrangham rejoins Logistics Bureau
    After a 'Sabbatical' from consulting that actually lasted four years, Simon Wrangham returns to Logistics Bureau.
  • FREE EVENTS : Half Day 'Supply Chain Intensive'
    This information covers what Rob believes are the 5 Key Levers to lasting Supply Chain cost reduction and service improvement, that sadly only 18% of businesses seem to get right.
  • Jo Baker joins Logistics Bureau Group
    After a break of almost 10 years, Jo Baker returns to the Logistics Bureau Group, this time as General Manager Education. During the last 10 years, Jo has led the growth of the Logistics Association of Australia in the role of Executive Manager.
  • Supply Chain School Launches Like a Rocket : March 12/13th
    Rob O’Byrne – Group Managing Director of Logistics Bureau, revealed the School concept to guests at a recent series of seminars and was delighted with the response. He remarked that “Supply Chain School has obviously struck a chord and met a real need in the industry, based on the over whelming support for the concept at our recent events. I can’t wait to get started

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Become a Supply Chain Guru – with Supply Chain Secrets

Supply Chain Secrets has evolved as a natural extension of our passion to help people. Essentially it is a range of education programs. Not boring overly theoretical education. But the ‘good stuff’. All the essential things you can’t learn at College and University.

Supply Chain Secrets includes:
Our Book Series: Supply Chain Secrets Books
Our online learning hub: Online Supply Chain Training
And our ‘offline’ School: Supply Chain School – Training

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