Can someone provide me some information about Cloud Solutions for Supply Chain Industry
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  • Hamish


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    iCOS LIVE’s industry specific, streamlined online freight software tools allow transport operators to cut out the day to day grind and get on with working on the business rather than in it. Check us out at

  • Keith Plummer

    Keith Plummer

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    Here at CargoWise, we offer simple, secure and highly available access to our supply chain software, in the Cloud.
    WiseCloud provides powerful, reliable and comprehensive services from our global data centres. Hosted customers benefit from a fully available 24x7 system with global disaster recovery capability without any of the normal IT costs, data management, upgrades and maintenance, backup issues, equipment needs, continuity planning or management overheads.
    Reduced Costs -
    Regardless of license type or business size, standard CargoWise WiseCloud is free of charge as part of our MESH solution which includes all of our support services and no cost application upgrades. This means a lower total cost of ownership with minimal capital costs for you, and fewer internal IT resources required for implementation and support.

    Improved Efficiency -
    Experience up to 80% less time to deploy software compared with traditional solutions. This allows your business to get up and running and fully productive in just a few days and allows any internal IT resources you have to focus on “line of business” solutions.

    Increased Accessibility -
    Your application and data is hosted in world class, highly available facilities located around the globe. You can access your services 24x7 from virtually any location, thus improving your productivity.

    Scalability -
    Our solution grows as your business needs grow with our flexible on demand WiseCloud and licensing options. This gives you the ability to add users and access new features, message gateways and transactions in seconds – when you need it.
    Please feel free to contact me for more information –