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Our Solutions


Cloud based multi-carrier manifesting and shipment routing software.

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Cloud based multi-carrier transportationvisibilityand management software.

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Parcel & Freight Audit
parcel and freight audit

Recover carrier billing errors and service failures, ensuring every freight invoice is correct.

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Carrier Negotiation
carrier negotiation

Expert analysis of your small parcel shipping rates to identify cost saving opportunities.

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Video Explaining Freight Audit Services

Video Explaining Carrier Negotiation &Analysis



  • UPS Drops Bomb on Drop Shippers
    Apparently, UPS didn’t like drop shipping. But, since they’ve recently figured out a way to drive additional revenue from every company that uses UPS to drop ship anything, UPS will now love drop shipping. This is going to make UPS a lot more money. And all of this was recently brought to light in the 2016 UPS rate change announcement.
  • What is the Difference Between a Freight Bill and Bill of Lading?
    To capture the most value from custom logistics, it is important you know some terminology from the industry. No matter what kind of enterprise you represent, it is part of a unified network of standards developed by logistics providers to help you get your product from your own facilities to the end user. As a result, you can start to understand more about most fundamental logistics processes simply by knowing certain key terms.
  • Top 5 Hidden Costs of Logistics
    Wondering about your true logistics costs? Logistics costs are mutable, not fixed, so any one category of logistic cost is subject to your enterprise’s own efforts. Logistic cost analysis is a crucial first step to finding any logistic cost that is out of step with the needs and expectations of your business. In fact, it is the first thing that you need to do in order to implement a truly comprehensive logistics cost management strategy.
  • The Greening of the Shipping Industry
    The tides are turning again for the shipping industry, this time in regards to energy efficiency and environmental friendliness of ocean freighters.
  • Mobile Apps to Ease Shipping Troubles
    Shipping solutions can sometimes feel like more trouble than they’re worth. We know it, and so do you; but this doesn’t have to be the case for the upstart or the entrepreneur
  • The Necessity of Logistics & Freight Auditing Companies in a Global eCommerce World
    In a span of less than two decades, the Internet has managed to completely change the way we buy and sell goods and services.
  • Helping the Supply Chain with Sustainable Ideas
    As the world continues to evolve with new technology, it also brings forth new challenges to businesses and their supply chains.
  • How the Battle Between FedEx and UPS Affects Your Business
    Whether you are a business that frequently ships parcels all across the country or an individual shipping package, you are most likely to be using one of two major shipping forces— UPS or FedEx.

Shipping Cost Management Calculators

Source Consulting's free online calculators to help you reduce shipping costs. Generate custom tariffs schedules and compare UPS and FedEx shipping rates.

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Parcel & Freight Bill Audit

Source Consulting's carrier audit services will ensure each UPS, FedEx, LTL, Ocean and Air freight invoice is correct. Our team will conduct a forty-two point freighjt audit to catch all parcel and freight billing errors.

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Shipping Contract Negotiation & Analysis

Source Consulting will perform a shipping and small parcel freight contract analysis of current or proposed agreements. On average, our efforts reduce shipping costs of customer's small parcel by 12%.

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